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Ethics & Environmental Concerns


At Loulabelle Couture we want to make your tie dye garments as environmentally friendly as possible and we're constantly working on ways to improve ourselves.

Where possible, we source UK made fabrics and then hand make our garments in our studios located in the heart of England.


Whilst we aim to hand make as much as possible, it is not always possible.  Because of this, we have sourced UK manufacturers as well as other ethical manufacturers from around the world.



Ethical Manufacture


Our main manufacturer other than ourselves is a great champion of ethics and environmental issues.


They use sustainable fabrics and employ fair trade and employment standards in their international factories.  Read on for more information.


Fair Wear Foundation


The FWF was created to establish a better working standard in the garment industry.  These are the standards they adhere to, and as such our main manufacturer (other than in house) adheres to.


  • No use of child labour

  • No use of forced labour

  • Safe and healthy working conditions

  • Legal labour contracts

  • Payment of living wage

  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

  • No discrimination against employees

  • No excessive hours of work

  • Supported their workers and factories throughout the covid-19 Pandemic by providing vaccinations, safe working spaces as well as not cancelling any orders.










Environmental Issues


Fabric & Fibres


Our fabrics are all carefully sourced, utilising as much UK produced fabric as possible, and our manufacturers use sustainable fibers or recycled fabrics in their production.


Our  manufacturer ensures full traceability in sourcing their raw fibres.  They use :-


Low impact cotton

Tencel® Lyocel

Bamboo viscose

Recycled polyester

100% certified organic cotton


Carbon Footprint


Our manufacturers became the first company to activelly reduce their carbon footpint in their manufacturing process.  According to their website 


"We have reduced the carbon footprint of EarthPositive®products by around 90% through a combination of innovative product design, low impact organic agriculture, efficiency in manufacturing, and by replacing standard grid electricity with renewable wind power. We do not use carbon offsets and our footprint calculations are certified by the Carbon Trust Certifications in the U.K.It has been calculated that a single EarthPositive® T-shirt saves around 7 kilograms of CO2e, whereas a hooded sweatshirt saves up to 28 kgs.Having taken the greenhouse gas emissions to pre-industrial levels, all the EarthPositive® products carry the registered mark “Climate Neutral”.


Each garment on our website that utilises this manufacturing process is listed clearly.

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