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Short Robe with tie waist

3/4 length Sleeves

Waist loops with removable tie belt

  • Multiple ways to style - This versatile piece is great worn day to day, on the beach as a cover up or just lounging around the house!

Colourway: SKITTLES - Blackcurrant PURPLE, lime GREEN, and fruity ORANGE

100% Bali Rayon



PLEASE NOTE, because each piece is hand dyed, your garment may differ slightly from this photo, but be assured, each piece is made with love and will look just as nice as this!

Short Robe - Skittles

  • 100% Bali Rayon

    High quality Rayon fabric from Bali. It comes from a woody bush that is farmed and grows quickly without pesticides and fertilizers, hence in that way is a very earth friendly, renewable resource. No rain forests or other forests are being cut down to produce the rayon as folks sometimes think.

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