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Busy, Busy, Busy!

So, i've just completed my first weekend of the New Year at Spitalfields , and like everyone with good intentions, have had a nice spring clean of all my stock.

As a more or less one woman operation, it's so difficult to dedicate time to everything that needs to be done, but one of the good things about January/February being fairly quiet at the market is the fact that I have some time to upload a lot more products to my online store and to Etsy.

Keep your eyes peeled, because I've spent the afternoon steaming quite a few garments to be photographed tomorrow, and then edited.

Firstly I'll be adding Cotton Sweatshirts, (so warm and soft) in normal length, and also in a shorter version. The shorter version sits nicely on your waist and is perfect for Shorter people (like me) who sometimes feel sweatshirts and jumpers can swamp you, or make you feel strangely out of proportion!

I also have a bamboo unisex t shirt, which is so soft and comfy, and I find universally flattering.

And then, I'll slowly be adding some of our best sellers such as different colours of leggings, and our amazing Tencel Lyocel vests, which are AMAZING as an activewear garment.

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