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From time to time i'll be doing a post on featured products, and to kick it off, i'm going to be telling you a bit about our Hand dyed tights, which have proved very popular over the years!

These are one of the first products I started selling, albeit in slightly different colours and designs, and they've been continuously popular over the last 6 years.

Before I started trading at Spitalfields Market, I did a stint at the now defunct St Albans Artisan Market, which was held in the town hall, and whilst it wasn't the busiest or buzziest place to sell at, it was a such a baptism of fire into the world of selling to the public.

I'm not the tidiest of people, and neat presentation doesn't come easily to me, so trying to present my newly created hand dyed tights in a professional manner was a huge challenge!

The 'stall' consisted of a smallish table, with no hanging rail, and as someone who had never done anything like this before, each week was a learning curve!

Gradually, as I sold more tights each week, I decided to look for a wholesaler who could sell me larger quantities of tights to dye, and I stumbled across a great family company, who sold the tights that I now use.

Over the years I have honed the packaging to something simple and effective, which looks great in a physical environment such as my stall at Spitalfields, and is also a product that is suitable to be bought over the internet and sent in the post!

I now have these tights in almost every colour imaginable, and as I say to any customers who may visit me, 'although I keep the same colours in stock, because they're all hand dyed, each pair i unique!'

I'll leave you with a few photos from customers, and don't forget you can buy them online HERE

on Etsy HERE, or in person every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Spitalfields Market, London.

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