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Hello one and all!

I've been busy in the photographic studio with my photographer Emily ( today! We've managed to get quite a few done, and now she's in the process of editing them and getting them looking tiptop!

This is not her usual type of photography, but from the beginning she's done most of my images (except for the few I've attempted myself), and she always does a great job!

Trained in film-making her passion is photography, mainly in quirky, urbanscapes, and she's been busy working on a feature film, which has just been released, so I've grabbed her to do some work for me!

I'm hoping to stock some of her work in this store soon, as it really compliments my pieces, and her photography on homeware such as coasters and placemats looks brilliant!

I'm really interested in helping and promoting fellow small creative businesses, so I'll be blogging from time to time about a things that catch my interest. feel free to contact me if anyone wants more info about these people!

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