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When you hear the words tie dye, what do you think of? The 1960's? Hippies? Festivals?

Whilst you would be right to think these things, I am a firm advocate that anyone can tailor hand dyed pieces to their own style (if you should so wish!)

Technically, what I do as a brand is not tie dye. Tie Dye itself was created in America in the 1960's and lots of bright colours are used and strange shapes are created through tyeing up the garments and then dyeing.

I dont really do anything like that, I prefer to use different techniques that create more subtle colours and patterns, and to do this i've looked back over different cultures and time periods to get inspiration and then create a modern and wearable look.

I dont see my surface design as anything different to what is already available in the shops, it's just that they are a little bit more out their in colour and pattern.

So I'm going to try and give a little bit of inspiration in how to wear certain pieces and how to steer clear of certain 'tie dye connotations'.

Top - Loulabelle Couture   Lipstick - NYX Shoes- Dr Martens

Lipstick - NYX Shoes - Dr Martens

This is one of my go to looks at this time of year. I love to pick out one or two colours in the dyed garment and play on that, so in this case, it's the lilac and black. So i've chosen the same shade of lilac for the tights and lips, and then balanced the outfit with black boots and skirt. I think the gorgeous green in the t-shirt speaks for itself, but I would most definitelly wear a matching green nail varnish to make it really pop.

I'll be looking at other ideas as to how to style our garments in the future, so if this is not your cup of tea, never fear, there's lots more ideas coming your way!

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